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Getting Warmer


Looked up the weather on today and was incredibly excited to see that the high today is going to be 68°.  Tomorrow it is going to be 75°!

It just felt like springtime and summertime are right around the corner the way the sun was shining through the kitchen window.  This makes me very excited because I cannot wait to go to the beach and be tan and wear cute warm weather clothes!

For breakfast I had a gigantic slice of banana bread.  It is “healthy” banana bread in case you are wondering.  I’ll try to find the recipe if any of you are interested….my mom makes it 🙂

I packed some snacks for later:

apple, blood orange, all-natural applesauce, carrots

I’m definitely going to have to get some good protein in for lunch since I’m eating pretty much all carbs so far!

This is What I Wore to work on this beautiful Thursday…since its warm out I felt it was fashionably acceptable to wear my white pants…and even still, “winter whites” were a trend this season, so I think its okay either way 😉

Black Tank Top: Nordstrom

Purple Scarf: Target

Grey Jacket: Forever 21

White Pants: Trucker Jeans (from

Black Patent Leather Flats:  Steve Madden

And now here is some summer time dreaming pictures that I am going to stare at to fantasize about warmer weather and sunshine and tanned skin 🙂

the walkway to the most beautiful beach ever 🙂

Ahhh I can’t wait.  Dreaming of the NC beach should definitely keep me in a good mood 🙂

Even in the middle of a thunderstorm its gorgeous:


Take me there now!

Going to go daydream now…I mean, work. 🙂

Happy Thursday!

Question:  Where is your favorite place to vacation? I always have and always will LOVE North Carolina beaches.  I have been to many other beaches before but I just love the quiet and private beaches you get in NC.  Not to mention beautiful!  If you have never been to a beach in NC come visit me.


Author: Bess

I'm a 23 year old southern girl living in NJ, graduate of Wake Forest University, retired soccer player, certified personal trainer, I have a passion for health and fitness! LOVE food and exercise!

31 thoughts on “Getting Warmer

  1. fave vacation place will always be Vegas & I’m going tomorrow, yay.

    Your pics are so cute & you look tan all year long btw…lucky duck.

    I heart the white pants!!! sooo cute!

    • I have never been to vegas but want to SO BAD!!!! And I really am quite pale right now…I think its just an allusion that I am tan at the moment…and the work of some good bronzer 😉

  2. Honestly, tropical islands make me want to quit my job, sell my house, and move there. Our two week honeymoon to St. Thomas was pure heaven. But since we don’t have endless money, I LOVE vacationing at the beach, or somewhere with HOT weather, SUNSHINE, and a pool. Me + Sunlight + Hot husband = Happy Tan Woman

  3. Oh you have me jonesing! I’m so happy that this year I am actually GETTING to go on a beach vacation. It’s been over 3 years – I know how do I live with myself, right? But in all seriousness it hasn’t been in the budget or the cards. I live in Alabama and I’m originally from Maryland. So every summer my 1 week vacation is spent visiting friends and family. This year I decided to be a bit greedy and say screw that we’re going to the beach.

    My family used to own a beach home on Topsail Island, NC – you are right best. beaches. EVERRR! We are headed back there this summer, myself, my boyfriend and my father. I couldn’t be more excited. I haven’t been there for an extended stay since I was in my teens! GOOD TIMES are going to be had.

    I’m not sure where you go in NC but if you ever get a chance to go to Topsail, DO IT! It’s very quaint and quiet and although it’s much more built up now than when I had a home there [they have a Hardees AND a McD’s there now – big city living I tell you]… you will adore it.


    • Yeah I know where topsail is!! Its not too far away. Our family place is on the Crystal Coast…a little island with about 5 beaches, and ours is on Pine Knoll Shores. Its right next to Atlantic Beach, which is a pretty popular place. Its also near Emerald Isle if you’ve heard of that. Most all the NC beaches have the same feel but I know what you mean about the “big city living”….the island is probably about 20 miles long but less than a mile wide! Mostly family owned restaurants and stuff like that but the occasional McDonalds or Pizza Hut!

  4. I’m a weirdy…I love vacationing in the snowy mountains of Colorado in January! I’m not a beach girl, I’m a snowy mountain girl!

    Although, I’m not going to lie – I am looking forward to spring!

  5. ahh those pictures are beautiful!! and you have ur belly pierced?? SO JEALOUs i love it!!!!!

    • haha yep! I got it done for my 17th birthday, I love it 🙂 I think my tummy looks SO WEIRD without it so I don’t see it coming out in the near future.

  6. Oy vey! Now I need to go to the beach ASAP!!! The high this weekend is in the 70’s. Maybe I can convince the Hubster to take me fishing! I’m feeling a beach trip very soon! Thankfully we only live about an hour away, yay!

    I haven’t been to very many places when it comes to vacations. I love the Bahamas though. Specifically we’ve gone to Grand Bahamas quite a few times and I love,love,love it there. Even if it’s kind of grungy these days, I just love the feel. It’s so relaxing. Ahh, I need a trip there sooooon!

    • Def make a beach trip!! And I have been to the bahamas for a spring break once and of course it was beautiful as well but I agree…something grungy about it. We were on a smaller island with only college spring breakers so of course it wasn’t exactly a high class resort type location!!

  7. My favorite vacation spot is Hilton Head Island, SC. I just went there last weekend for a half marathon and it was amazing! My family vacationed there for years. I just love the place.

  8. I’ll be living in North Carolina this summer! So I’ll get to see these beaches you speak so highly of! 🙂

  9. ARE YOU KIDDING ME….you have the most rocking body I have ever seen!! SERIOUSLY, you should be a swimsuit model. I am not even kidding, you are HOT!! Please come be my personal trainer. This post got me SO excited for the summer. Wanna go on a vacation with me? I was totally serious about AZ by the way…just let me know the dates:) LOVE the white jeans. Banana bread is the best!

    • hahaha janae you are cray cray. I am no swimsuit model that is for sure…but thanks for being so sweet 🙂 As soon as I know dates for AZ I will tell you asap. I will even bring you banana bread.

  10. so jealous of your weather! it’s warm here too, but only 35.
    i love vacationing to ft lauderdale.

  11. You’re uninvited to SoCal. Well, you can still come but I insist you keep your banging bikini bod covered up. I can’t be shown up on my own turf.

  12. Those white Pants are so hot! 🙂 I love vacationing to Greece we own a home there come to think of it I should do a Greece post soon!

  13. I LOVE NC beaches! Nags Head & Wrightsville Beach are my favorites 🙂

  14. my family and I have gone to mexico A LOT. Mostly in Cancun. We’re members of an all inclusive resort. I love going because the people that work there are so so so nice, the margaritas are lovely and the mexican food (especially the chips and guac) is AMAZING.

  15. Hawaii is definitely my favorite place to vacation. Perfect weather, beautiful scenery, tropical, and everyone is so laid back!

  16. Those beach pics are making me want summer so bad. Come on spring! Get here soon!


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