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Comfy clothes.


Shockingly enough, my ginormous bowl of cereal didn’t keep me full the rest of the night.  So I made some crackers with blue cheese and even put some apple butter on some of them.

Yes that is a lot of crackers and a lot of blue cheese.  What?! I was hungry 🙂

Had simple coffee and cereal this morning…

Packed a snack of greek yogurt, some pb, and a little Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal…and a banana to also go on top!

And I am hesitant to show you What I Wore today because I think I look like a total bum (maybe I look like a bum everyday?)…but hey, at least I’m a comfortable bum, right?

Messy hair: Me

Grey & White sweater:  Alloy

Grey Tank: Target

Purple Scarf: Target

Jeggings: Forever 21

Boots: DSW

Black Jacket: Forever 21

In case you haven’t noticed I barely put any make up on to go to work and I try to be as comfortable as possible.  Especially because my legs are moderately sore from the run yesterday!  Sitting at a desk is bad enough, might as well be comfy!  That was pretty much my rationale all through college, too…which is why I wore Wake Forest Athletics stuff pretty much everyday. Yeah, I was that girl.

Do you have a dress code at your office/school/wherever you spend your day? We don’t have a strict dress code policy, so long as you aren’t wearing a slinky nightgown type dress you’re probably okay (that is actually the example they gave us back at new employee orientation).  I also haven’t been seeing as many patients lately and would dress a bit more appropriately back when I was seeing lots of them everyday.  Now I mostly sit at my desk so whatevs!

Do you like blue cheese?  What is your favorite easy-to-put-together snack? I love cheese and crackers…especially with some wine, too 🙂


Author: Bess

I'm a 23 year old southern girl living in NJ, graduate of Wake Forest University, retired soccer player, certified personal trainer, I have a passion for health and fitness! LOVE food and exercise!

18 thoughts on “Comfy clothes.

  1. you look cute and comfy- not like a bum! and i am SO SO into comfy- i change into my pjs and sweats everytime i come home from something ehe.. my fav snack has got to be pb and nanner.. but i love fruit and nut mixes! i am so not a savory snacker!

  2. Mmm yummy snack.

    I have a strict dress code at my college. We either have to wear our chef whites or business casual. It is sort of weird, but i actually like dressing up. I feel professional. Not to mention the guys looks pretty nice too.

    Mmmm snacks. I love blue cheese first of all.
    I’d say I love peanut butter with apples…duh. I like munching on cereal like kashi heart to heart.
    I also like cottage cheese. Wow, sort of boring sorry!

    • That’s not boring! Those sound like great snacks. I am going to regret asking this question because I’m going to get so hungry listening to all the responses!

  3. your blue cheese and crackers just made me dribble a little bit. want.

    I wish I could be that comfy at work. Our dress code is “business casual”, so boys wear suits or chinos with a shirt but no tie. Girls just have to look smart, but I try to push the boundaries and rock up in hoodies and ugg boots. I’m such a maverick… (I have smart shoes under my desk just in case!)

    Quick question – you did a post a couple of days ago about your GNC haul – do you take any other supplements? my joints are aching like a biatch and I want the pain to go away!

  4. i work at an advertising agency but it is more laid back than one would think! we definitely have casual friday – jeans, no sweats! but leggings and a cute top always work for me! i find myself wearing the same pair of flats most days because they are so comfy!

    i hate bleu cheese! i always ask for restaurants to hold off on putting in my salad! i can’t take the funky smell!

    my favorite snack is grapes or greek yogurt with granola on top! i packed some today for lunch!

  5. Your outfit looks so comfy! You do not look like a bum! We don’t have a dress code at my law school but professors dress up formally so it makes it kind of awkward to wear anything too causal (aka comfy). It sucks! Haha! My favorite quick snacks are….fruit and peanut butter definitely, I’m also addicted to Crispix cereal and have it at any time of day with almond milk, and I also LOVE sardines with bread or crackers (sounds weird I know but they are SO yummy!).

  6. I think your outfits is still super cute! 🙂 We were uniforms…. The Navy isn’t big on expressing your individual fashion.. Haha.

  7. That cheese plate looks to-die-for good. I’m all about blue cheese. The other night my friend made turkey sliders with goat cheese and then we topped them with blue. They were life changing.

    My favorite snacks are fruit smoothies, peanut butter on any kind of carb, cheese on any kind of carb and honey on any kind of carb. So really just carbs with toppings.

    And dress code? We definitely have one but I choose to apply a liberal interpretation of it to my wardrobe. Today I look a lot like you: leggings, boots, long shirt, scarf. Comfy>dressy any day.

    • All I have to say is that I wish I could have been there to experience the life changing turkey sliders with goat cheese. They sound completely amazingggg!

  8. Those are hardly comfy clothes in my books! My comfy clothes include my boyfriends track pants, my Dad’s sweatshirt and slippers. And yes, I have gone out of the house in this outfit haha

    I start a brand new job on Monday and yesterday I spent ridic amounts of money on office-y clothes. EEk I hope they can accommodate my love for track pants

    I cannot stand blue cheese! I bought some for my Dad and secretly threw it out because I felt like the smell contaminated everything in the fridge

    P.S. If you ever want to do an exchange of some Canadian goodies for some yummy snacks you get in the US, I’m SO down! I swear we have cool stuff here too 😉

  9. I wear scrubs to work on days we see patients, and “dress up” on days we don’t. Lately dressing up has consisted of khaki pants and some kind of shirt. We’ve been seeing a lot more patients lately so I’ve gotten to wear scrubs more, yay!

    I also love those boots. I wish I had a reason to own numerous pairs of boots, but I don’t. I do however have 10+ pairs of flip flops.. Thanks old navy!

  10. Girl! You worked out sooooooo much you needed to refuel! 🙂

    and I love melting string cheese diced up in chunks onto the circular veggie chips lol


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