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A former collegiate athlete's journey of trying to stay and get as fit as possible in life after soccer!

Sweat Inspiration


This video.

Just signed up for 6am hot vinyasa yoga.  Making sure I sweat once a day.  Well, actually I’ll be sweating twice tomorrow.  Afternoon run planned for post-work!  Already looking forward to tomorrow just for my exercise sessions.

Also, this is amazing.  I will do this one day.




Author: Bess

I'm a 23 year old southern girl living in NJ, graduate of Wake Forest University, retired soccer player, certified personal trainer, I have a passion for health and fitness! LOVE food and exercise!

3 thoughts on “Sweat Inspiration

  1. AH, I am OBSESSED with this commercial! My bf always says, “Look, your favorite!”

    It is so frustrating being injured, as I have almost had to come to a halt when it comes to working out, which is AWFUL for me….but I need to slow down and look into some options like a chiropractor since nothing else is working…but I am DETERMINED to be able to sweat once a day again, soon!!! Just have to heal first.

  2. I’ve never seen this commerical.. probably because we don’t get american commericals over here haha. LOVE it though 🙂


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