Bess Be Fit

A former collegiate athlete's journey of trying to stay and get as fit as possible in life after soccer!

About Me

Hi everyone!  My name is Bess and I’m 24 years old.  Lover of running, yoga, strength training, food, and wine.  Nice to meet you!

I graduated in May 2010 from Wake Forest University where I played Division I soccer all four years and earned a degree in Communications.  I wouldn’t change my experience as a student athlete for the world.  It was extremely difficult at times, but I couldn’t imagine my life without all the memories and experiences I was blessed with during my time as a Demon Deacon.  However, not being a “soccer player” anymore has left a huge void in my life, one that I have been trying to fill with lots of running, finding new fun forms of exercise, and experimenting with new healthy foods!  I ran my first half marathon on December 4th, 2010 and had a blast and my second one on March 20th, 2011.  I have my 3rd half marathon on March 17th, 2012 and my first full marathon on October 7th, 2012!

I am a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine.  I hope to share my same love for being active and also loving delicious, healthy food!  I hope you enjoy my blog, thanks for stopping by!  Please check out my Gallery page for more pictures and info.

Please feel free to contact me at!

84 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Bess,
    Thanks so much for your kind words regarding my blog, and I just added you to my blogroll. Did you know CD went to Wake? He ran cross country there and loved it. Such a great school. Best of luck with your half marathon and personal trainer aspirations!

  2. Very refereshing to come across a blog that really hits home. I too am a former collegiate soccer player (U. of Toledo) and I too have discovered a new love for running. I have completed two marathons since retiring the old boots, a half ironman and a handful of other races. I’m addicted to food as well and love learning about new recipes. Love that you enjoy a handful or two of M&M’s now and then, so simple yet so delicious. Have a great evening!

  3. love your blog girl!!! I need to read more of your posts and catch up 🙂

  4. wow! I love your blog! You eat a lottt too! Thats a good thing though! How many calories do you eat everyday/ excersise!
    You got some gooood lookin eats!

    • Well its different everyday, I don’t really count how many calories I eat for the most part unless I feel like I’ve started to eat too much or too unhealthily and then I’ll watch myself for a little while. When I am conscious of it I try to eat around 1600-1800 net calories, meaning I’ll eat more but burn some off too to end up at that number. But that’s just for me personally! I think if you are eating healthy, quality foods you don’t really need to count calories.

  5. I know that void once you stop being a collegiate athlete; I ran in college and couldn’t figure out how to balance real life with running and I ended up getting injured… which was actually a blessing because I picked up cooking in the meantime. Now I run for pleasure amongst many other passions! Love the Blog

  6. Hi – found your blog on SkinnyRunner and love it!

  7. Hey Bess!
    Just found your blog via SkinnyRunner. I am excited to have found your blog because I can relate to your feelings about trying to discover who you are after soccer is no longer ALL of your life! I played all through out high school and was going to play in college at the University of California, Santa Barbara until I completely tore my ACL right before my recruiting trip. Running is for sure my new identity and I LOVE it! Excited to read your blog and read about your journey to your next half marathon!

    • Wow…thats horrible about your ACL I’m so sorry! I was lucky not to have knee problems…I was the ankle problem girl. But that’s much easier to deal with than knees. I’m glad you are at least able to run now! I hope you keep enjoying to read the blog! 🙂

  8. Found your blog through Skinny Runner’s blog, and just wanted to say your pup, Maverick, is wayyy too cute! Oh, and so are you 🙂 That’s all.

  9. Bess,

    I’m totally with you, girl. I played soccer in college and I still haven’t come to terms with not being a “soccer player” anymore:(. So what did I do? Started a blog! Sound familiar? Ha! Thanks for your words and being someone that can share in my confusion about what to do now:)


  10. Bess, found your blog on Jess’s blog roll – The Search for Daly Authenticity. I’ve been clicking around and its super cute. Excited to start following =)

  11. Love your blog 🙂 Just came accross it.
    I heart using abbreves as well 🙂

  12. Hi Bess, I just came across your blog and I really like it! Let’s be best friends, k? Cool. 🙂

  13. LOOOOVE your blog! I am a retired college soccer player too and I relate to your entire blog! In college I couldnt imagine life without soccer and took up running when I graduated to run 1/2 marathons. Keep it up I bookmarked you as a favorite 🙂

  14. I’m glad I found your blog! I read these here and there, and I’m actually a retired collegiate soccer player too..with the same sort of goal/problem …(adjusting to not having it run my life! haha). Keep up the nice work! (P.S. My friend played wake soccer with you…Jill H.!)

    • ahh I’m so glad you found the blog, then! I asked Jill about ya, she says she really likes you a lot!! I love Jilly so if she thinks you’re cool then you must be pretty awesome 🙂

  15. Just found your blog girl, I love it 🙂 Good for you with being a student athlete in college and getting your personal training certification! I can’t wait to read more!

  16. Love your blog!! I looked through a bunch of it yesterday and already have a million snack and meal ideas!

  17. Just wanted to let you know that I passed the Stylish Blogger Award on to you. I’m pretty sure you have received it before but wanted to recognize you on my page and send some more people your way! 🙂

  18. feel the same way about being a college athlete- though I play field hockey!

  19. love that you love soccer. the thing i miss the most about playing collegiate soccer is the opportunity to compete. nothing beats the feeling of waking up knowing it’s just a great day to play.

  20. Hi, Bess! I stumbled across your blog while leaving a comment on PB Fingers. Thought I’d say hello – I’m already hooked to your posts! 🙂

  21. Loving your blog! I’ll be coming back for more 😀

  22. Just found your blog! Can’t wait to keep reading!

  23. Hi Bess! 🙂 I just came across your blog & I love it. So excited to read more about you!

  24. Do you still live in Winston? I’m the same age and live in Greensboro and wondered if we had any acquaintances haha

  25. I just found your blog and I love it!!! The abs page is pretty cool. 🙂

  26. Hi Bess! I just read your guest post over at PBFingers….great tips! You have a new reader in me! 🙂

  27. Just found your blog through Julie’s PBF and love it! Loved your healthy tips on PBF, as well as on your own blog. Will definitely start reading your blog regularly!

  28. Hey Bess! I go to NC State (it may be a good or bad thing I’m saying that!). Love your blog and aspirations to stay fit and active out of college. Can’t wait to keep reading!

    • aw thank you!! Its not bad to say you go to State! My dad went there and I know a lot of others who have as well 🙂 (personally I think it would be worse if you said Carolina…lol) 😉

  29. Hii, I just stumbled upon your blog after reading your guest post on and what really caught my eye is that you are a Wake Alumni and student athlete! My brother went to Wake and played tennis all four years :). Anyway, I’ll definitely be reading your blog! Go Demon Deacons 😀

  30. ahh so exciting to see westfield, nj mentioned on a blog! i live 5 minutes away and am in westfield all the time!

  31. Just wanted to say that I love your blog and I can totally relate to it! I’m a former collegiate athlete as well!

  32. I can relate! I played basketball (d3) in college, and it definitely left a void. It has taken me a while to figure out a new workout regimen, but after several years I’m really happy with it…good luck on your journey, and can’t wait to read more!
    P.S. I grew up in Durham, right around the corner!

  33. I admire you and your drive for athleticism! you are a great inspiration and i am enjoying reading through old posts and getting to know you better!!

  34. AWESOME! Love that I found another former college athlete trying to live a healthy lifestyle AND blog about it. WOOP!

  35. So nice to find another blogger who is a former college athlete! I am still trying to fill that void too! yep…3 years later. Excited to follow along.

  36. This blog is awesome! So many helpful fitness tips and recipes. I live 10 miles from Wake Forest as well and there’s plenty of places to get fit. Thanks Bess!

  37. Hi Bess – I found you through FitFluential. You are like my long lost twin! Instead of playing soccer in college, I ran Track & Field for 4 years. Now that I’m retired, I run road races. I’m also a Personal Trainer/Group Exercise Instructor, Media & Communications Director, Health Coach and have an almost 2 year old black rescued pup. Looking forward to connecting! @coach_karenw

  38. Great blog! I can totally relate .. I played 5 years of Varsity Volleyball, and it was so weird after I finished. I started my blog after I finished too 🙂

  39. Just found your blog & I love it! Can’t wait to read more! 🙂

  40. I can totally relate to you! I played soccer my whole life and didn’t know what to do without it! I’d prefer to chase a ball over a treadmill any day. I’m so glad I found your blog. Keep up the good work!

  41. Hey Bess! just started following your blog and I love it. It is really cool that you played soccer in college and continue to be active now. Can’t wait to continue to read 🙂

  42. I graduated with my degree in Communications, as well! Have you done anything with your degree, or are you focused on personal training? It’s almost been a year since I’ve graduated, and though I have a job, I’m still having a hard time figuring out what I want to do with my life :).

    • I have not used my personal training certification for anything more than part-time jobs and for online training on my blog. After I graduated, I worked in Clinical Research at Duke University and now I work as a Communications and Marketing Specialist in NJ. But I know what you mean…I think I know what I’d like to do with my life (build my own business, be my own boss) but that takes time and money to get to that point so I will keep doing this for now! 🙂

  43. Just subscribed and started reading today – looking forward to getting to know you!
    – Jordan

  44. I nominated you for an Inspirational Blogger award because I think you’re AWESOME! 🙂

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  46. Just found your blog through Skinny Runner and mutual Twitter followers. Your journey from college athlete to grown up athlete (at least that’s how I like to think of myself) really resonates with me as a former college tennis player. I am really interested in personal training and nutrition so I can’t wait to read more of your posts about your certifications. Great blog!


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