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Back with Beach Pics Round 3

I finally remembered to upload the beach pictures from my camera! ¬†Gosh looking at them again makes me want to go back right now ūüė¶ ¬†But of course I’m happy I got to go at all! ¬†I can never get enough beach time.

Dad fishin’.

Brother Ben swimmin’.

and frisbee-in’.

Lunch date with Mike at Queen Anne’s Revenge in Beaufort, NC


View from our table

THE BEST crab dip ever.

Island Taco with Mahi

Shots of Beaufort.

Storm brewin’. We later found out it was a forest fire across the sound.

view from the back deck.

view from the front.

Mav & Cam…beach pups

Dad grillin’ burgers by the pool.

On the last full day…

Take me back!



Beach Pics Round 2

More beach pics coming now…these are the rest of the ones taken from my phone. ¬†Unfortunately I just figured out that I forgot my USB cord so I can’t get the ones off of my camera just yet. ¬†That will come later this weekend when we are back in NJ. ¬†So picking up where we left off…

Running in the sand is hard work.  Definitely slows that pace down a bit and my hip flexors were so sore the next day.  But how can I even complain when I got to run down a beautiful beach?  It was awesome.

Then the sad day arrived when it was time to leave…

And Maverick laid on me the whole time.

Mike took a picture of us passed out…yes I still have a stuffed animal, don’t judge me. ¬†If I don’t hold her Mav tries to eat her and that can’t happen! ¬†I look like a 4 year old.

Back in Durham, I knocked out a slowly paced 3 mile run in the scorching heat before showering and heading to Sushi Love with Mike for dinner.

Then Local Yogurt (LoYo) for dessert…cookies n cream with chocolate shavings on top. ¬†Tasted lovely on a hot evening!

Today my workout is going to be a 6 mile run, which is my “long” run on my marathon plan this week, and also which isn’t really that long at all but that’s fine with me. ¬†Also going to do a little somethin’ extra…been slacking on my strength work so definitely getting in something of that sort as well. ¬†Will all be up on the blog later! ¬†Hopefully I can think of something good ūüôā

Happy Friday!