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Breakfast Dreams

The things breakfast dreams are made of…

It’s easy for Sunday mornings to revolve around a solid breakfast.  Sometimes I like doing something super simple like cereal, when I feel like watching cartoons or a movie and feeling like a little kid again.  But sometimes, like this morning, I want something hearty.  Initially I thought I just wanted pancakes, but as soon as I started making them I kind of changed my mind and a craving for cheesy eggs struck.  This always happens to me…I think I want one thing and as soon as I make it I want something else!  Conflicted taste buds.

So I had a couple of pancakes, they were small, about 3-4 inches in diameter, but stopped to save room for an egg and cheese omelet and some turkey bacon.  Perfect little meal to watch the Olympic tennis finals (I’m rooting for Federer, if you want to know) and to start the day.

The omelet was 2 egg whites and one whole egg with two slices of low-fat cheese.

Now I’m going to watch the rest of this tennis match except I think Federer is getting crushed right now.  Wah come on Fed!  A workout of some sort to come later.  Not sure what but I’m craving a weights session of some kind!  My muscles wanna lift!

What would your perfect breakfast include?


Breakfast Combo & Bahamas Cruise

Good morning!  Today my Thursday is really more like Friday, because I don’t have to work tomorrow!  We have off for Good Friday, so it will be an extra long weekend of Easter celebration.  And an extra day of sleeping in 🙂

My day has started off with a nice breakfast.

Those are the components of my meal.  Nonfat greek yogurt topped with banana slices and organic agave nectar.  And of course a black coffee made in the office’s Keurig.

So good and so simple.

After work my plans are to hit the gym and get in a really awesome sweat sesh.  Not sure what I’m going to do just yet, but I’ll put together the workout at some point today and definitely share it later this afternoon.

I also have a meeting with a travel agency this evening because remember when my brother was here visiting a few weeks ago and we went to the NJ Nets game?  Well we both entered our names in some random drawing and Ben got a call the other day that he had won a cruise for two to the BAHAMAS.  So since it’s a New Jersey agency and he’s back in North Carolina, I’m going to go get the info and travel stuff for him.  Lucky Duck.

Have a great day!

Do you have work on Friday? 

Ever won something really cool?  I won about $645 in Atlantic City once…that’s about it.