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All we really need is love…

Good afternoon everyone!

Happy Monday! Ha..ha…

No really though, today is going by pretty fast…I don’t mind Mondays so much, most of the time!  Got up this morning, got dressed:

holy swollen morning face…clearly hadn’t quite woken up yet.  ps I love my Frye boots with all my heart! ♥

Made some breakfast…banana oats!  of course.

Then promptly at 10am I had my snack:

greek yogurt with cocoa roast almonds, cranberries, Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal, raisins, and sunflower seeds

Look at this cute calendar we have up in the office…last month it says “No Pain, No Pain.  That’s my motto”  With a lady holding a glass of wine.  Haha super cutesy.

And finally I am digging into my lunch I have been thinking about all day…

A super loaded veggie sub from subway.  Footlong, you know it.

Yes I ate the whole thing.  It was amazing.

Time to keep working…but I have good news.  Today is a special day…Michael started his own blog.  I’m so proud! 🙂  You can visit it here.  Tell your boyfriends/husbands/brothers/guy friends/whoever else…If they like sports, and especially baseball, they will enjoy reading this blog.  I have to brag for a second and say that my boyfriend is extremely intelligent, so I know his blog will be entertaining to read 🙂  Who knows, he may be a major leaguer someday, so it’d be cool to say you read his blog while he was going through the minor league system!

And go here to enter my giveaway if you haven’t already!  I am LOVING the responses I’m getting from it…y’all eat some pretty delicious food!

Post about running to come later…See ya!


*Edited to add:

I keep forgetting to ask the questions at the end!  Dang it!

Here’s the question for the day:  What is your favorite sport to watch? What is your favorite sport to play? I personally love to watch basketball and baseball the most.  I get too frustrated watching soccer because I get pissed when people don’t do something right (b/c I know everything…duh. Kidding)..I also like watching football but thats pretty much because I like the atmosphere (the commercials and food) more than the actual game.  I cringe when those huge guys hit each other.  I’m shocked every time they get back up.  Oh, and I like playing soccer the most.  Perhaps you caught on to that.  However I did also play basketball growing up.


Y’all are making my day!

First off, thanks for all the support about the disrespectful comments. The blog world has been overwhelmingly acceptive and gracious and thank you all for being a part of that!!

Secondly, SkinnyRunner featured me on her Cat Lady Blogs today. I check her blog about 37 times a day so its super cool to see myself on it, I must say 🙂 Thanks SR!  I have had more views and awesome comments today than ever.  Y’all Rock (p.s. if you are new to the blog, I am from North Carolina and say y’all…you’ll get used to it).  However, I don’t know if we can tell Maverick that I am now a Cat Lady…I don’t think he’d understand….

Also, since I was in such a good mood (and tomorrow is payday yayuh!) I bought myself a few super cute dresses that were on a MASSIVE sale at (if you have never been to this site do it asap, they are currently having a giveaway for a Judith Ripka Diamond Anniversary Ring….1.25 carats of round brilliant cut diamonds in 14k white gold.  Yeah, I’m gunna enter…why not??

It looks like this:

Here are the dresses I purchased:

A Kate Middleton inspired look, perhaps a little more sexed-up than the future princess’s dress that she wore to the engagement announcement…she has to be much more modest, you know.

I also got this one because purple is probably my favorite color:

That gives me an excuse to get purple shoes like the model’s.  Sa-weeeeeeeet 🙂

Ok I guess I’ll show you what I’ve eaten today…since that is sort of the main purpose of this bloggie!


Black coffee, Kashi Go Lean Crunch with Almond Milk, and a piece of pumpkin bread with honey on it.  The honey was good, but not as good as the peanut butter!


A handful (or 2…okay 4) of raisins, cranberries, walnuts, almonds, and sunflower seeds.


The most ooey gooey shmelty cheesy goodness…I just put a slice of provolone and some shredded cheddar on top of each half of an Arnold’s sandwich thin and stuck it in the toaster oven for a few minutes until the cheese was sizzlin’….perfection.

Had it alongside some Food Should Taste Good cracker/chips!

And I almost forgot to mention the most important part….

A WW ice cream candy bar…these things are too good.

That’s been my day so far…I would like to try to get a run in later (either outside or on the treadmill) but I think I may have strained my back a bit with my leg work out yesterday.  I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it but I have Degenerative Disc Disease…it gave me so much trouble my senior soccer season to the point where I could barely sit in a desk and get through a class.  It was so uncomfortable and painful.  After some MRI’s they finally figured out that I have basically destroyed the discs between my lower vertebrae so the bones basically just rub together.  I haven’t had much trouble with it over the past year, but whatever is hurting my back feels awfully a lot like the pain I had in 2009…so I am hoping its just a muscle strain and not something that has to do with the discs.  Eeek!  So I might be taking a rest from working out today.  We’ll see.

Again I have some more stuff up on E-bay if anyone is interested…

I will probably get together some of the stuff for the upcoming giveaway tonight…I am personally really excited about it, and when I get excited about things I want them done asap!

Lastly, I said I wanted to start asking questions on these posts because I want to get to know y’all better!!  So here is today’s question:

Have you ever had a serious injury?  What was it?  How long did it take you to recover?  Does it still hurt sometimes?