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A former collegiate athlete's journey of trying to stay and get as fit as possible in life after soccer!


So I’m not a bottomless pit after all.

Well that might not be completely true, but hooray that today I finally stopped having appetite attacks! Yay!

It helps that I didn’t wake up until 11am again today and got a lovely 4 mile run in with Maverick 🙂

I had sort of a weird breakfast…threw a few things on a plate that were in the kitchen that looked good.  And some cereal, too.

Honey Bunches of Oats with almond milk, and banana bread, crescent roll, and a slice of country ham.  Salty and so good.

For lunch I had some mixed veggies and rice

Post-run snack was some greek yogurt with honey, half a sliced banana, and some frozen berries.

And since I was hungry again about an hour later I had another yummy snack…apple slices and PB.

That kept me full for awhile until dinner!

Rotisserie chicken with some light gravy, green beans & mushrooms, cranberry dressing, and brown rice.

So good and once I had my chocolate fix for dessert…I was stuffed.

That chocolate dessert fix came in the form of a WW ice cream bar.  Seriously, this is a Snickers ice cream bar in a different wrapper.  Amazingggg.

Now I’m just relaxing and watching the Golden Globe coverage on E!  I love seeing all the dresses the celebs are wearing.  I’m also pretty happy because since tomorrow is MLK day…so no work for me!  And best of all, my treadmill is getting delivered between 9am – 12pm!  I am so excited!! 🙂


I’ll just eat all the rolls.

So I slept for 11 hours last night..was quite uncharacteristic for me, normally because I have to get up and go to work.  I didn’t know I was that tired!  Once I finally got up, I had some breakfast:

Van’s lite all natural waffles with sugar free syrup.

Then I did a 5 mile run before going to Target.  I just love that place.  It’s dangerous though…I did a good job today of not getting anything I didn’t need!  May have been a first ever.

My grandparents came to visit today and my brother came home for the night as well to celebrate my grandpa’s birthday.  We had a delicious dinner:

Rib roast, broccoli cheese casserole, baked potato, carrots, and of course…ROLLS.

I ate at least 5.

And then came the cake 🙂  German Chocolate!

Happy 81st GranGran 🙂

I had two slices.  Oopsies!

I am now stuffed and laying in bed.  I’m actually watching Miss America.  A girl just performed her talent and she was performing ventriloquism while singing, with 2 dummies.  It was slightly weird.  Anyways.

Hope everyone had a great Saturday…I’ll leave ya with a picture of my lil bro and my Maverick dog.

Mav is a 75 pound lap dog 🙂