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Purple Rice + Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Holy Hamstrings I’m sore.  One-legged RDLs always make me sore, every single time.  If I’m this sore today I’m worried what it’ll be like tomorrow because I am always more sore the second day! Oh, DOMS.

Anyways, this morning I had PB&J overnight oats with almond milk for breakfast at my desk while I started work.

With coffee and water as always!

Oh, and I know I haven’t done it recently but wanna see what I wore to work today?  OF COURSE YOU DO.

I’m currently obsessed with the high socks/leg warmers under boots look.

I had a strange snack/lunch around 11:30…a GIANT apple and a turkey burger patty.  Strange combo but kept me full for a while!

I also love those turkey burgers, they are Jennie O. brand and so good.

A few hours later I had a bar for a snack…

Once I drove home (in the pouring rain, bleh) I had a little snack of veggie chips with hummus so my tummy wouldn’t be growling during my workout.

About 30 minutes later I headed to the gym and completed a really tough 35 minute elliptical workout.  I put the resistance up to 12-14 and made sure I was going as fast as I could without dying.  I wanted it to be challenging and listening to fast paced music helped me keep goin’.  I was also wearing a long sleeved Wake Soccer Nike shirt so I was drenched in sweat!  Then I went home and did the p90x yoga video.  I didn’t even KNOW how much I needed to do some yoga.  Wow my hips were so tight and my body was just so achey.  I really need to try to do yoga more.

Earlier in the day I tweeted this:

I’ve always watched the VS fashion show with my besties from Wake so I still get excited to watch it but obviously I miss watching with them.  Freshman year in college, we all picked out our favorite model to pretend that’s who we were 😉  I’m Adriana Lima, duh (in my imagination).  Wow, we were cool. So clearly I needed to do my own prep for the show.

So I drank tons of water (out of my VS PINK water bottle, coincidence), did my cardio and yoga workout, and only had to check a few more things off the list.  While I didn’t get sashimi, I did end up getting sushi for dinner. I asked for brown rice but apparently all they had was “healthy purple rice”…  I hadn’t heard of this before but I figured I’d try it.  The taste really isn’t any difference than any other rice I thought.

I got 2 yellow tail rolls and one spicy tuna roll, along with a seaweed salad.  Not sure why but I was having an INTENSE craving for sushi and seaweed salad all day so it had to be fulfilled.  The shrimp tempura rolls were Mike’s.

See the purple rice?


The last thing to check off the list?  Watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show while decked out in PINK gear.  Come 10pm, consider it done and done.

Solid end to the day!

What style looks are you currently loving?

Which Victoria’s Secret model would you want to be in your imagination? 

Ever had the Purple Rice?!


B-day & Easter Recap…and the day before.

Hey!! I hope everyone had a great Easter!  Thanks so much for your happy birthday wishes for Mike.  He felt very special blog readers cared 🙂

Here are some pics as a recap of what I’ve been up to the past few days!

Kin of a dark picture. The shirt is purple, in case you can’t see it..


spinach cheese dip


hummus & sweet potato fries!

Bfast yesterday:

turkey sausage

oats yay 🙂


After breakfast we went and climbed Camelback Mountain.  It was quite different from any hiking I’ve ever done in NC…it was all huge rocks and boulders!  I didn’t take my camera because I didn’t want to drop it (and I wanted to have my hands for balance in case I tripped, which was likely) but Mike did take a quick camera-phone picture.

Afterwards we decided to go walk around before going to lunch.

up close of the watch:

We went to Kona Grill for lunch and I got a turkey burger.  Mike helped me eat my fries and I only ate half the burger (saved the rest!)

Best. Fries. Ever.

I purposely saved room in my belly because we had plans to go to BOTH Yogurtland AND Sprinkles.

Mike got the Milk Chocolate Cupcake with Sprinkles and I got the Chocolate Coconut Cupcake.  I can’t turn down the combo of chocolate and coconut.

No hype…best cupcake I’ve ever had. No I wasn’t even slightly hungry after my lunch and froyo but somehow managed to find a way to eat it.  I’m happy with my decision 😉 just sad it was over too quickly!

Later on in the evening we got ready to go to dinner for Mike’s birthday.  What I Wore to dinner:

I wanted you to see the back of the dress because its my favorite part!  Love the ruffles.  I had to wear my hair up so it was visible 🙂

thanks photographer Mike!

Mike picked the place…Culinary Dropout.  I loved the atmosphere and decor!

Fun mix of eclectic design and there were TVs on with basketball playoff games…so Mike was happy too 🙂

The birthday boy picked the appetizer…pretzel fondue with provolone cheese


I started with a Acai Mojito which was totally delish and Mike had an Epicenter beer

Then for my entree I had the artichoke salad with smoked salmon.

It was very good but very fishy tasting but it didn’t bother me.  The service was kind of slow here but in a really relaxed way, not an annoying why are you taking so long kind of way, if that makes sense.  I didn’t mind they took a little longer because Mike and I could enjoy each other’s company (and the basketball game on TV…haha)

By the time the entrees came out I was ready for a glass of Chardonnay so I had that with my entree.

We got Apple Monkey Bread for dessert (no chocolate dessert on the menu…WHAAAT!) and it is specially baked to order.  They warned us this could take 12-15 minutes but we were in no rush.  About 20 minutes later the manager comes out and says they burnt the monkey bread and it wasn’t to his satisfaction so he would “take care” of the dessert and another one would be out shortly.  Another 15-20 minutes passed and finally we had our monkey bread.

It may look burnt in this picture too but it wasn’t…it was very good and worth the wait (even though I burnt my hand a little on the dish!  I guess I shouldn’t attack it like a wild animal just because it has sugar in it).  Mike had a few bites (read: 2) and I had the rest.  What are girlfriends for? 😉

The only downside of it all was I don’t think the manager actually “took care” of the dessert (meaning it was on the house like he implied) because I think I ended up paying for it.  But its okay, not going to let something like that get me mad after a great night with the BF.

It’s been a fun past few days.  I hope everyone had a great Easter and weekend!  I’m going to go figure out something for breakfast (Mike is at practice) and then I’m going to either go to the hotel gym or go on a run before going to the pool 🙂

Have a great day!

Ever had a cupcake from Sprinkles?  Did you LOVE IT?  This is the only cupcake-specific bakery I’ve ever been to but I thought it was amazingness.  I have nothing to compare it to, however.  If there is a better cupcake out there I’d die and go to heaven while eating it.

Anything fun happen on your Easter weekend??