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Sweat Inspiration

This video.

Just signed up for 6am hot vinyasa yoga.  Making sure I sweat once a day.  Well, actually I’ll be sweating twice tomorrow.  Afternoon run planned for post-work!  Already looking forward to tomorrow just for my exercise sessions.

Also, this is amazing.  I will do this one day.




Calf Cramps, Yoga, Protein-Packed Breakfast

I’m pretty sure I woke up last night about 5 different times with calf cramps.  Calf cramps are the WORST.  I chalked it up to the fact that I had been doing more cardio on the elliptical and treadmill than usual and wasn’t stretching at all.  Bad, I know.  I also didn’t drink nearly enough water yesterday so I’m sure the dehydration contributed to the cramping as well.  When I woke up this morning I knew I wasn’t feeling going to the gym to do more cardio, and instead decided to give my body what I knew it needed…yoga.

I grabbed my mat and headed downstairs to do some P90x Yoga X.  The DVD is 90 minutes long but I only had time to do the first hour of it, which is the hardest part anyways in my opinion.  I found that my right hip is VERY unhappy with me and is so tight.  Even warrior two and reverse/peaceful warrior killed my hip.  I just tried to breathe deep into the movement and release the stiffness and tension.  I think I also might try to foam roll tonight to work through any other knots or kinks I wasn’t able to get out!

My quads got a great workout from all the lunge-type movements and poses this DVD has in it.  I like being able to tone and work my legs without necessarily having to do a ton of squats.  I definitely need to try to remember that I enjoy this workout and to do it more!  Sometimes I just don’t have the patience.  But I was sweating and my quads were burning.

awkward leg shot…I promise my leg isn’t bending the wrong way, it’s just the angle.

I ended with some time spent in pigeon pose on each leg…I needed this like no other.  I think I could have spent an hour just doing this.  If only my schedule allowed that 😉

My schedule (and laziness) also didn’t let me have time to wash my hair.  Luckily I had my Blow Pro faux dry shampoo that I got from the Fitness Magazine FitBlogNYC event!  Works like a charm!!  I’ve used the Tresemme dry shampoo before and I thought it just made my hair feel kinda greasy.  This definitely dried up any oils (and sweat) that was in my hair!

After getting ready for work, I put together a protein-packed breakfast.  Zico chocolate coconut water with a scoop of protein powder in it plus a nonfat plain Chobani greek yogurt with Kashi Go Lean Crunch (“as much protein as an egg!”)

Nice little breakfast actually.

Off to be productive!  Today is like my Friday, so yay for a 3 day week and an upcoming 3-day weekend 🙂

Do you get muscular cramps?  I get calf cramps all the time, but the worst I think I’ve ever experienced was a hamstring cramp during a soccer game…I could barely walk for days after that!