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Sweat Inspiration

This video.

Just signed up for 6am hot vinyasa yoga.  Making sure I sweat once a day.  Well, actually I’ll be sweating twice tomorrow.  Afternoon run planned for post-work!  Already looking forward to tomorrow just for my exercise sessions.

Also, this is amazing.  I will do this one day.




More Yoga

I made it to hot yoga last night.  I took it with a different teacher than I normally do, but this lady actually owns the place, so I was a little nervous she may be super intense or something.  I. LOVED. IT.  I’m determined to take all of her classes.  She didn’t have the heat up quite as high as it usually is (not sure if it was intentional or not but I liked it) but I was still drenched in sweat, just without feeling like I might pass out.  She made great adjustments to my poses that really helped me feel it how I was supposed to.  She even came around a few times and massaged in this icy-hot like gel into my shoulders and neck, there may be a yogi-term for it but I’m not sure, but it was amazing because my left shoulder into the left side of my neck has been bothering me for weeks.

After the marathon is over, I plan to really get into yoga more.  I don’t want to stop running because I’ve gotten to this awesome place with it where I love it and can’t imagine not doing it…but perhaps a couple times a week is enough until if/when I may sign up for another race.  I want to see what I can do with more yoga practice.  Even last night I successfully did a couple poses that felt great and I’ve only ever done once before or not at all….crow/cranebirds of paradise, and this variation of pigeon.  Sorry those are all random pics.  Maybe one day I’ll actually get pics/proof of me doing them!

So anyways…just wanted to share that and y’all can get ready for me to be doing more yoga after the marathon.  I’m all about seeing what new things my body can do so we’ll see where it goes.

Today is a rest day for me after running and yoga yesterday.  Running again tomorrow.

What’s your workout today?  Do you like to challenge yourself with new forms exercise or do you have one favorite you think you’ll always stick to?