Bess Be Fit

A former collegiate athlete's journey of trying to stay and get as fit as possible in life after soccer!

August 2012

8/1: 7 mile run

8/2: rest

8/3: rest

8/4: 13 mile run

8/5: 45 minute walk with Maverick plus Jumping Jacks Circuit:

8/6: rest

8/7: 8 mile run

8/8: 30 mins elliptical + abs

8/9: 5 mile run

8/10: rest

8/11: 17 mile run

8/12: rest

8/13: rest

8/14: 8 mile run + abs

8/15: long walk with Maverick

8/16: 5 mile run + abs

8/17: rest

8/18: 18 mile run

8/19: 25 minutes elliptical plus abs and upper body strength training

8/20: rest

8/21: 5 mile run

8/22: rest

8/23: 3 mile run + hot yoga

8/24: rest

8/25: 13.1 mile run

8/26: crosstrain

8/27: rest

8/28: 5 mile run

8/29: rest

8/30: rest

8/31: rest



3 thoughts on “August 2012

  1. This is dreamitbig, i have to wonder and i know that it isnt supposed to b a good idea to ask a woman how much she weighs, you look very lean so with all the exercise u do does it ever cause u to gain any size at all. I know if any it would b all muscle

    • Well I don’t really weigh myself so I’m not sure…I know that if I’m eating right and working out I’m not going to gain bad weight…if I do gain it would be, like you said, muscle.

  2. K, i love ur site


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