Bess Be Fit

A former collegiate athlete's journey of trying to stay and get as fit as possible in life after soccer!

February 2012

2/1: 4 mile run, Body Pump, Tone It Up Sexy Valentine’s Day Workout

2/2: Yoga

2/3: 45 minutes HIIT elliptical workout, arm circuit: 2 sets of 30 reps of each of the following exercises:  bicep curls, shoulder presses, overhead triceps extensions, rear delt flyes, dumbbell rows, and v-presses.  Topped off with the TIU Sexy Valentine’s Day Workout

2/4: 10 mile run!

2/5: 40 minute walk with Maverick, 30 minutes steady state elliptical, long stretch session

2/6: Morning: TIU Valentine’s Workout, plus this:

plus evening: 3 mile jog with Maverick

2/7: 2 rounds sexy valentine’s workout in the morning, afternoon: 40 minutes elliptical plus core work: 4 minute plank + crunches

2/8: AM yoga, PM 4 mile HIIT run plus Body Pump

2/9: AM 30 minute walk, PM 1 hour Elliptical + 200 crunches

2/10: AM 30 minute walk, PM 4 mile run

2/11: 8 mile run

2/12: 60 minutes elliptical, TIU V-day workout, Yoga

2/13: AM-50reps/50seconds workout: 

PM-35 minutes elliptical

2/14: TIU V-day Workout, Bess Be Fit LOVE workout: 


2/15: rest day…my workout was a POWER NAP 🙂

2/16: 9 mile run!

2/17: rest…slept in…body needed it more than a workout!

2/18: 4 mile HIIT run plus plyo and abs

2/19: 30 mins elliptical

2/20: 3 mile run with Mav

2/21: 25 minute jog with Mav…ankle was MORE sore today so took it easy.

2/22: Physique 57 workout + 40 minutes high-resistance elliptical

2/23: Morning- Squat Sculpt Circuit

afternoon: 5.5 mile run

2/24: At-Home Workout

2/25: 10 mile run + abs

2/26: 1 hour walk with Maverick

2/27: off

2/28: Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga…1 hour 15 minutes

2/29:4 mile HIIT run


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